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Suihua Firmly Promotes The Construction Of Smart Fire Control
- Jun 07, 2018 -

For effectively promoting the construction of "fire" wisdom, suihua in heilongjiang province fire detachment tightly grasp the CPC municipal committee and municipal government "wisdom city" construction advantageous opportunity, actively integrate all resources, promoting the construction of "intelligent fire" solid pace, comprehensively improve the level of science and technology, informationization, intelligent fire control.

Three-dimensional supervision, the realization of fire safety management network active prevention and control. In 2018, the fire detachment to the city government allocated special funds, preliminary built "wisdom fire" grid service management system, unified system design, management content, team construction, system research and development. Public security, construction, planning, industrial and commercial, quality control, safety, culture, health, urban management departments with grid integrated information platform to exchange information, share resources, to realize the seamless docking source of fire safety management. Set up the mechanism of regional joint disposal of fire hazards, to lead and government departments linkage fire comprehensive regulation, the key area for key units for fire risk assessment and fire safety and fire monitoring for 24 hours, to realize the active control.

Resource integration to achieve joint operation of fire emergency forces. Based on "science and technology support, training, resource integration, powerful guarantee" the principle of fire control team relying on secret squadron and training base as a training base, adjust measures to local conditions to build the micro fire station. Relying on the fire emergency command scheduling system, and build a disaster accident disposal expert team, professional strength, emergency supplies, emergency plan and so on five big database, implementing the resources sharing, command platform interconnectivity expertise, disaster response classification. Establish and improve various emergency warning linkage mechanism of coupling training, joint operations, joint logistics work, forming a unified command, division of responsibilities among, synchronized scheduling, synchronous reaction of emergency rescue command system. We will actively develop the contingent of fire volunteers, which will be included in the category of "safe community". In combination with the responsibilities of the post, the contingent will carry out daily fire prevention inspection and inspection. Of discovery and the masses to report the fire hazard and fire fighting illegal report step by step, not timely rectification in place, by the public security police station to investigate and punish according to law, to cause serious damage to public safety, by the fire and safety departments, and even to all levels of government to supervise and urge the rectification.

Various forms, achieve fire publicity education full coverage. We will consolidate traditional propaganda positions, such as radio, television and newspapers, and carry out fire control propaganda for key places, important periods, key links and key groups. We will use the official microblog, WeChat and SMS platforms of the fire protection authorities to strengthen the public's awareness of fire safety. The party school shall jointly establish the education training mechanism for leading party and government fire control cadres, and shall give the training to the township heads and village "two party committees" once a year. Joint fire safety education, emphasizing student's education department organization) fire safety education books, regularly carry out "the fire safety of school first class", fire evacuation drill, life experience and other activities. United people club department, fire safety department will focus on jobs, special type of work into labor employment check category of card mount guard, guide employers will fire safety should know should be included in pre-service training content.