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Summer Electrical Fires Are Prone To Fire.
- Jan 14, 2018 -

Since entering the summer, hot weather, household electrical appliances product use frequency, power consumption and electric circuit load increase, some of the transformer, electric meter box frequent fire accidents, this kind of transformer fire hazards cannot be ignored.

Many transformers were according to the load situation at the time of installation design, but with the development of economy, high-power appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners gradually entered the ordinary people, a lot of transformer has been in a super load operation conditions, fire hazard also follow, mingguang vast fire warns broad citizen, transformer fire hazard should not be ignored, early prevention, prevent ahead. The city's main battle fire engines produced by mingguang haomiao have the national patent and more efficient fire fighting capability.

The city's main battle fire engine.

Fire hazard, prevention in advance:

In order to prevent the occurrence of such fires, the units and residents shall conduct a thorough inspection of the houses and the surrounding wires. 1. It is found that the seriously aging electric wires should be replaced in time. The fuse cannot be replaced by copper wire and aluminum wire, and the power supply should be cut off before going out. 2. It is strictly forbidden to pick up the mess; Also remind a bit, do not use electric appliance long time to electrify, for instance the television can not be in charge state often, should see an after the time pull out power plug, lest cause electric fire.

If such fire occurs, corresponding countermeasures:

1. Check whether the circuit breaker of the transformer has tripped, if not, immediately disconnect the circuit breaker of each side power supply, and then put out the fire.

2. When using dry powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, it can also quickly cover the fire source with wet carpet or cotton, and maintain the ventilation in the transformer room so as not to cause casualties and dial 119.