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Taiwan’s Driver Of A Scrapped Fire Truck Brake Failed To Hit A 9-car.
- Dec 02, 2018 -

A man surnamed Yang, a man in Nantou City, Taiwan, passed the Nangang Industrial Zone and was suspected of being out of control on the downhill road. He was out of control and crashed into 9 vehicles parked on the side of the road. The car repairer initially estimated that the damage to 9 cars was about 3 million yuan (NT$, the same below, about RMB 670,000). According to Taiwan media reports, the local police said that Yang’s man’s alcohol test was zero, but he was fined 3,600 yuan (about 808 yuan) to 10,800 yuan (about 2425 yuan) because of driving scrapped vehicles and unlicensed roads. . In addition to punishing the law according to law, the police will also strengthen the inspection of downhill sections and recommend driving downhill sections at low speeds to reduce accidents caused by brake failure. The man surnamed Yang surrendered that he was an employee of an environmental protection company in Nangang Industrial Zone. At that time, he was driving to the supervision station to change the license plate number. How could he cause a major accident when he encountered a train failure on the way? The Nantou City Supervision Station and the police said that the accident vehicle was investigated as a fire truck scrapped by the Kaohsiung branch of the processing and exporting area of Taiwan's economic sector. It was auctioned in March this year and won the bid by an environmental protection company. According to local regulations, scrap cars cannot be driven on the road, nor can they be re-licensed. The company that marks the vehicle can only be dismantled and can no longer be driven on the road or converted into other vehicles. The police have confiscated the scrapped vehicle after the incident. It is reported that Nantou City has been hitting a crash on the downhill section for more than a month, including the crash on the 24th, and all of them have caused a serial crash.