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- Dec 29, 2017 -

2015 international fire equipment technology exchange exhibition impression

Date: October 23, 2015 solstice October 23, venue: Beijing new national exhibition hall, exhibition name: CHINA FIRE 2015 16th international FIRE equipment technology exchange exhibition.

20 at nine o 'clock in the morning, mingguang vast booths opened security technology co. LTD., the world exhibition, I company for the industrial class fire disposal, with 32 meters ladder of three phase jet engines, 18 meters multi-function rescue fire fighting robots, remote power supply engines, ammonia for emergency fire truck, 550000 industrial smoke fire engines and vortex jet engines, and other new products.

Exhibition products have a common characteristic, that is the outstanding features for industrial fire disaster, 32 meters ladder three-phase jet should be outward floating roof tank fire, the ladder up effective rescue and three-phase jet fire-extinguishing perfect combination; 18 meters multi-function forcible entry to inner floating roof tank fire extinguishing robot, inner floating roof tank fire float the ship side entry, moments of three phase jet extinguishing agent into the tank, solve the problem of inner floating roof storage fire unable to disposal. Remote power supply fire response to the disaster site for water, river water, remote rapid laying pipelines (closed/put), booster pump three modules integrated design, to ensure rapid disposal of the difficulty of water supply area disasters; Ammonia for dealing with sudden for accident emergency disposal of fire trucks and using a special reagent for hazard chemicals and recycling, is also negative pressure smoke exhaust system and water mist, water curtain device, effective dilution, isolation; 550,000 vertical industrial smoke exhaust trucks, dc frequency converter fan, positive pressure water mist technology, negative pressure pumping system to cope with the high power exhaust demand of the disaster site; The turbojet fire truck has been introduced to the marketization market and has been used in many fields such as airport and petrochemical industry, and has been continuously improved and improved. Now there are many single and double turbojet products.

During the three days of the exhibition, our products have attracted a large number of experts, leaders, firefighters, full-time firefighters and visitors, and all the products provided by the company have been distributed. On October 23, the FIRE show was officially closed, and the company was successfully completing the CHINA FIRE 2015 Beijing international FIRE exhibition.

International exchange of fire fighting equipment technology exhibition since held 1, 1986 years, has successfully held 15 sessions, the display size and service level in the fire industry enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad, has become a widespread concern in the fire industry at home and abroad of one of the big fire professional exhibitions. As the 16th in the exhibition is the first time, new both captivating, security technology co., the history can be traced back to 1986, in the course of a nearly 30 years, our company has wide leaders, experts in the industry for many years of support and help! Adjust the business model of today's vast, extends the industrial chain, to expand the product areas, to create products, consumables and training business model, to strengthen manufacturing services, increase the talent introduction and technical research and development, strengthen the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, expand domestic and foreign markets... We wish the vast and wide world of the transition period, and wish haomiao technology to continue to provide more quality products for China's fire fighting industry with the support of leading experts. Wish haomiao technology to benefit the hometown of zi, the base industry evergreen!

After the show, my company at the invitation of the Chinese people's armed police command college, with product attended the school organization of practice teaching be high-tech equipment, for college leaders and teachers' and students' attention.