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Technical Level Of Chinese Fire Truck Production Enterprise.
- Mar 03, 2018 -

Water saving efficient

With the increasing shortage of water resources and the implementation of national energy conservation and long-term special plan, the water-saving and efficient fire extinguishing system will gradually replace the traditional water extinguishing system. The representative is the company's compressed air foam fire extinguishing system and water spray fire extinguishing system. Compressed air foam extinguishing system with water pumped from the fire pump, foam liquid concentrate in certain proportions, and then filling the air compressed air pump, strong stirring in the fire hose and fire hose, form a kind of high-energy foam, the foam volume is small, carried by the amount of water is not much, but can achieve complete absorption of heat, heat absorbing more than 5 times faster than pure water. Water spray fire extinguishing system is applied in fixed fire extinguishing system. Because of small particle size, high cooling efficiency, fast fire fighting speed and water saving and environmental protection.


Lightweight is one of the important ways to reduce fuel consumption, increase the quality of effective jacket, improve the delivery efficiency and control safety, and is the new target of fire fighting vehicles at home and abroad. The applications of lightweight materials include aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, high strength steel, plastics and composite materials. Based on the current domestic automobile manufacturing level of speculation, fire fighting vehicles in the engine, chassis and car, car plate and cover parts, fire extinguishing agent containers such as part of the extensive use of these lightweight materials will be the important measure of fire fighting vehicle production technology is advanced.

Intelligence and informationization.

Intelligent control and information systems and equipment, including vehicle chassis engine management, maintenance and repair, shifting and braking, as well as the stability control, driven tail after the bridge, and rolling control system, realizes the intelligent chassis, automation and excellent performance, fuel economy, safety, and long service life. Jacket part electronic navigation and positioning system and vehicle traveling data recorder, lifted the car's balance and work automatic protection system, infrared heat into phase, heat-seeking combined with wireless transmission, electronic control system, etc., the application of electronic information technology, sensor technology, automatic control technology, electromechanical integration technology device such as a high and new technology, dedicated and improve the intelligent level of the fire fighting vehicles, increase the added value of the vehicle. It is the most effective way to save manpower and enhance the combat effectiveness of the fire fighting force in the condition of large task force and shortage of personnel.


Fire mission, you may encounter a variety of special environment and geographic conditions, some of them are ordinary fire engine is difficult to arrive at the scene of the fire, as a result, fire engines, in the future there will be snow amphibious fire engines, unmanned intelligent remote control apparatus, universal fire engines and so on all kinds of new products put into application. The tires may be tailor-made or tracked, and can be used in difficult terrain such as mountains, beaches and swamps to carry out fire-fighting and rescue services.