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The CAFS System Fire Engine Has The Following Remarkable Advantages Compared With The Traditional Fire Engine
- Dec 22, 2017 -

The fire fighting efficiency is high.

The fire-extinguishing dose of a single ton of water from the CAFS system is equivalent to seven tons of water; Therefore, the fire extinguishing agent produced by one ton of water is much larger than that of seven tons of water.

Safety of fire fighting.

* due to the low fluidity of the foam, the adhesion is strong, and there is good protection of the unburners in the fire field;

* continuous cooling on the surface of the burning object reduces the risk of rekindling;

* fast cooling rate, strong heat resistance and thermal radiation protection for combatants;

* it has a strong ability to control fire, fast fire fighting speed, reduce smoke formation, and reduce the risk of flashover (smoke burning).

* because it is not easy to flow and has little moisture, there will be no great soaking and damage to the unburners (such as clothing, appliances, warehouse products, etc.).

It is convenient to operate and use.

* operation automation, simple and convenient, ready to fight at any time;

* light (85% air in water zone), easy to drag;

* can transport up to 2000 meters long and have obvious advantages for high mountain and tunnels.

* the pressure loss of water belt is small, and the delivery height is more than 100 meters. It can still be put out normally. It is very convenient to fire the fire in high-rise buildings.

It's environmentally friendly.

* traditional foaming agents are more or less toxic side effects and are not easily decomposed and have a long-term impact on the environment. The "one-seven system" extinguishing agent itself is almost pollution-free to the environment, and it is not harmful to human beings, animals and plants, and the natural biological understanding is strong, and more than 99% of the decomposition in 15 ~ 20 days is soluble.

* because of the small liquidity, there is hardly any water damage, so it has little damage to the surrounding environment.