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The Characteristics Of The New Car's Running-in Period.
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Regardless of the big car, the new car always has a running-in period, and the fire truck is no exception. What are the characteristics of the new car's running-in period? The fire truck manufacturer will summarize it for you:


Fast running-in speed: Although the new car has been run-in after the manufacture and repair, the surface of the part is always inevitable and there is microscopic unevenness. In addition to the difference in the gap between the newly assembled parts, relatively more metal scraps are ground, forming abrasive wear, which increases the wear rate.


There are many driving faults: due to factors such as parts or assembly processing and assembly, there are many driving failures during the running-in period, such as card issuance and leakage.


High fuel consumption: In order to ensure that the running-in period of the car is running under a small load, the carburetor is equipped with a speed limiter, so it is easy to cause the mixture to be too rich, so that the fuel consumption increases.


Lubricating oil is easy to deteriorate: due to the rough surface of the parts during the running-in period, the matching gap is small, which will increase the temperature of the lubricating oil. At the same time, more metal chips are ground into the lubricating oil, which makes the lubricating oil oxidize and deteriorate.


Basic principle of maintenance during running-in period


There are often some unexpected failures during the running-in period of the car, which must be discovered and eliminated in time, so there should be sufficient mental preparation.


Load shedding: The load of the car during the running-in period cannot exceed 7.5% of the rated load.


Speed limit: High speed can also increase the load on the engine and transmission parts, so the speed should be controlled within the specified range.


Choose high-quality lubricants: Choose low-viscosity and high-quality lubricants to provide good lubrication of the friction surfaces and reduce wear and tear on the parts.


Correct adjustment of the ignition system and oil supply system: Correct adjustment of the ignition system and the oil supply system can solve the change caused by the vacuum fuel saver caused by the installation of the speed limit plate, and improve the economics of the running-in period.


Correct and reasonable driving: Before starting, the vehicle should be inspected first. Slowly lift the clutch and accelerator pedal when starting. After starting, it should be run at low speed and preheated to 50 °C -60 °C. Choose a good road surface during driving, shift gears in time, and slide properly. Try to avoid using engine braking and keep the water temperature within a certain range.