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The Company Is A Moral Model For Helping People.
- Jan 29, 2018 -

-- -he cheng zhong and gu rongjuan.

Blood is the most precious source of human life. People with different blood types are not allowed to transfuse with each other, or they may cause an immune response, which is dangerous. The Rh positive blood type is 99.6% in the Chinese han population, and the Rh negative blood type is only about 0.34%, which is a very rare blood type. Because it is extremely rare and precious, it is commonly known as panda blood. The female worker gu rongjuan of haomiao company metalworking shop is an Rh negative blood type, and is an old worker with 19 years of working age. Beginning in 2006, gu rongjuan and he chengzhong (type A blood type) have responded to the national call to become A voluntary blood donation volunteer in the central blood station of chuzhou city. For six years, the couple have to center blood stations is more than 6000 ml of blood donation, but not to the country to get a penny of nutrition allowance, also had no effect due to the blood donation work, more not propagated in front of the leaders and colleagues. The spirit of selfless dedication is commendable.

This year on January 5, chuzhou hospital patients a Rh negative blood type for life-threatening blood loss, blood stations emergency to comrade GuRongJuan chuzhou city center, the couple arrived at the center of blood stations, life in saving others each 400 ml of blood donation on the spot. The couple repeatedly said, "this is what we should do."

Given GuRongJuan, national-level loyal husband and wife, for six years, for the society, selfless dedication for others, help others did major contribution, decided to award GuRongJuan, national-level loyal husband and wife as the glorious title of "helpful" vast company moral models. The party branch of the company and the trade union also call on all the communist party members. All the staff learn their valuable spirit of helping others, and work together to build a harmonious and harmonious civilization.