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The Company Successfully Completed The Handover And Training Of Six Fire Engines In Burundi
- Dec 29, 2017 -

On July 4, my company engineer arrived at the burundian capital, Bujumbura fire station, the travel work tasks is to Burundi fire handover my company production of six fire engines and to use for the cloth of the fire officers and soldiers training for the fire. The six fire fighting for this export is the heavy water tank fire truck designed and manufactured by our company.

At 2 PM on July 5, local time, in Bujumbura chief assistant fire chief, after a brief welcome and introduction from the cloth 30-40 fire commanders and fighters dedicated to listen to us about the number of fire engines technical parameter, performance, structure and working principle of the project is introduced, and the cloth fire commanders and fighters answer questions.

No. 6 to 8 local time, the company engineer through vehicle entity for cloth firefighters explanation and demonstration for each function of the fire, and for long-distance transport vehicles to a detailed inspection.

On July 9, ambassador in Burundi YuXuZhong attended the handover ceremony, minister of the ministry of public security on behalf of, Chang Bi jose Bernie's, the director of police headquarters, civil protection department of the ministry of public security and the ministry of public security officials to attend the ceremony, through the early training, cloth the firefighters skillful manipulation of this batch of fire trucks to carry on the practice, the fire quickly eliminate the demo site, won the applause of the audience.