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The Company Supplies The Wireless Remote Control Vehicle
- Dec 29, 2017 -

In order to protect the fire officers and soldiers in the rescue of flammable, explosive, toxic and radioactive fire life safety, the factory technical experts carefully developed China's first reconnaissance extinguishing fire fighting robots that wireless remote control apparatus.

Radio-controlled fire truck

This robot has the intelligent characteristic, USES the walking wheel structure, ignition, walk, turn, parking, water pump, and the rotation of the monitor, back down, spray fire extinguishing agent and a series of process adopts the wireless remote control way. The effective remote control distance can reach 200m~ 500m, and the remote control speed is 10km/h.

The robot also has the function of reconnaissance and self-rescue, transmitting the fire site wirelessly to the commander, so that the commander can adjust the rescue plan. There are multiple sprinkler heads on the robot, and when the temperature reaches the critical point, the water jet automatically opens the water spray to save itself.

Robot used in the plant unmanned actuators patent technology (September 2000) in 2001 London international patent technology expo gold medal, and for the Asia economic commission as a "recommended product" in international trade.