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The Current Situation Of Fire Truck Market In China
- Dec 22, 2017 -

World's first

In retrospect, the world's first fire truck was commissioned by the German city of augsburg in 1518 and made by the artisan of metal crafts, Antony blattner. According to the history of the city of augsburg, the fire engine is a large, lever-operated pump mounted on a car, driven by a horse or a human. A fire broke out in London in 1666, burning for four days and burning 1,300 houses, including the famous st. Paul's church. Some medieval buildings were swept away in the fire. After the disaster, Britain began to pay more attention to urban fire fighting. Soon, the British invented the world's first truck with a hand-operated water pump and used the water dragon to bring out the fire.

Home market

In our country, the production enterprises of fire engines have more than 30 enterprises, distributed in the whole country, but in the whole, it is difficult to form economies of scale. There are only a few of the more than 30, with only a few, fire engines. Due to the lack of industry standards, perfect the most fire engine manufacturing enterprises only pay attention to market sales, blindly but to the quality of products and technology development lag, disconnect between supply and demand, makes the production of the fire product quality is not high, the gap with foreign fire truck is very large, lack of market competitiveness.

Therefore, the future of the development of fire engines, the local fire truck enterprises only strive to improve their own product advantage, to guarantee the quality of products, on the basis of combination of supply and demand, completes the after-sales, can in a disorderly and foreign products have strong competition in the market environment for breakthrough.

According to relevant data analysis, every two to three people in developed countries are equipped with a fire engine, but the economic situation in our country makes such configuration obviously not realistic. According to the ministry of public security of norms and to strengthen the management of various forms fire team truck notification (male away [2011] no. 203), the government full time fire brigade 7375, 7375 units, full time fire brigade 2011 national equipped with all kinds of fire fighting vehicles for more than 15000 sets. Calculated at 15% annual growth and update, fire engines at about 2300 units a year, with the development of economy and investment in the fire, places and enterprises and institutions to join, the demand for new, high-performance engines developed economic regions, the number should be increased to around 4000 to 5000 years.

In addition, the calculated on each fire brigade should be equipped with five fire engines, truck's ownership should be around 50000 cars in our country, this expected, according to the ownership of fire truck market in the future development process, is very potential.

China's fire truck products have a complete variety of products, fire-fighting vehicles, high - height vehicles, special - duty vehicles, etc. But with science and technology content is not high, of single function of tank truck, foam fire engines and dry powder fire truck is given priority to, including tanker for more than 60% of the total, and high value added special fire engines (vehicles) other than the water, dry powder, foam accounts for only about 15%. Rescue engines such as ladder trucks are rare.