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The Daily Maintenance And Repair Work Of The Tank Fire Truck
- Oct 30, 2017 -

fire truck not only have cabs for firefighters to take the crew room, the chassis structure and the general shape of the vehicle is different, the most important part of the fire truck is the car, water tanker, including equipment and storage tanks, Most of the fire truck are medium-sized vehicles, the car structure is almost all the middle of the water tank, and behind the equipment box, the use of equipment and fire fighting equipment, the top of the tank is the water inlet and overflow pipe, And so on, the overflow pipe to ensure that the water tank and air connected and the pump connection from time to time to keep open, the role of overflow pipe can make the whole tank filled with water, driving when the compartment will not be too turbulent, the bottom of the tank is the accumulation of mouth When the daily maintenance and protection work, you can remove all the dirt through the mouth, the water tank inlet and water pump connection, the pump through the main water pipe to the water tank into the water tank outlet is also connected with the inlet pipe, the tank wall There is also a monitor. Specifically used to show changes in water level. Equipment room in the water tank next to the water tank structure is much simpler than the equipment room is also equipped with lighting equipment.

Water tank fire truck with low pressure pump and medium pressure, high pressure pump, three pumps are fixed on the chassis, the main structure of the pump on the water pipes and water pipes, and some water pumps with water cannons and some without water cannons , The pipeline is basically the same, there is a water cannon and no water cannon is the only difference between the pipeline, there are more water pipes and a water cannon. Fire truck fuel supply device is also different, hand throttle and petrol have made a change, the fuel tank structure is more complex, there are ventilation tube, filling the mouth there are sensors, the tank hole has a filter. There is also a cooler on the fire truck, which is the heat exchanger, located in the cylinder on the lid, the water pump to provide "cold", the water cycle engine also cooled down.

The engine exhaust is also useful, but also can be used as a warm, warm device installed in the fire truck below the pump, the heat caused by the warmth of the device can keep warm, in the winter when the pump will not be under the action of water cracking , The engine exhaust can also be excluded for the cold firefighters sent warm, crew can also be warm, it is worth mentioning that the valve repair and maintenance work should be done in the winter to go.