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The Difference Between Fire Sprinkler And Fire Truck
- Jun 17, 2017 -

  The difference between fire sprinkler and fire truck

  Fire sprinkler is a set of fire sprinkler in one of the dual-use vehicles. Fire engines, also known as fire engines, are specially designed for use as fire or other emergency rescue vehicles. Fire sprinkler is between the fire truck and the sprinkler, with the use of fire sprinkler integration, compared with the lack of fire engine equipment box, but with the same fire engine range, with the same fire function. Compared with the sprinkler, inherited the full function of the sprinkler, but also make up for the sprinkler small range, the pressure is small and so on.

  1, the configuration is different: Simply put, the fire sprinkler than the small sprinkler more dedicated fire pump, fire power take, fire gun, fire interface, fire water gun and other professional configuration; but the fire sprinkler relative to the professional fire engines, The less fire equipment box and not equipped with national standard fire equipment and tools. On the other hand the fire sprinkler can only be used to fight the general material fire, and fire engines can choose foam, dry powder and other extinguishing media used to save oil and flammable material fire.

  2, take the way to lead to the range and flow of different: fire sprinkler and sprinkler in essence, mainly in the internal power output system on the difference, sprinkler with side-mounted gear suction bite installation, through the drive shaft to power Transported to the self-priming sprinkler pump, thus completing the entire power transfer and output work. Fire sprinkler through the sandwich full power take power, with the fire pump will power output. Sandwich power is far better than the way from the gear force, which formed although the fire sprinkler and sprinkler shape is not much difference, but the function is able to dominate the fire sprinkler. Ordinary sprinkler maximum range: ≥ 28m, pump flow 40m3 / h, fire sprinkler range: ≥ 50m, fire pump flow up to 100m3 / h.

  3, different colors: fire sprinkler cab and tank appearance of the color is generally eye-catching fire red or engineering yellow, sprinkler generally with the car chassis cab color, the tank is generally white.

  4, the use of different: fire sprinkler is particularly suitable for no professional fire brigade of the township, or factories, their own spare fire vehicles, for temporary emergency fire, fighting small-scale fire special vehicles. Sprinkler is suitable for landscaping, municipal sanitation sector, highway maintenance units.

  5, the price is different: fire sprinkler price is everyone's focus on the same, with the tonnage of the fire sprinkler price only professional fire truck price of one-half, than with the tonnage sprinkler price to two or three million. Fire sprinkler with a wide range of use, low prices, affordable and so on.

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