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The Digital VR Plan Of Wuhai Fire Control Provides Scientific Basis For The Fire Fighting And Rescue.
- Feb 11, 2018 -


In recent years, virtual reality (VR) has attracted more and more attention, and virtual reality has expanded into many fields, including education, medicine, military, security, entertainment and other fields. In the fire industry, VR can also glow.

Inner Mongolia wuhai fire brigade is not intuitive, inaccurate, and the overall level is poor, and the design of 3d fire-fighting rescue plan is designed. Using a computer to the plane of fire-fighting preplan scene, after 3 d modeling can be intuitive understanding of the whole building layout of fire units and the water distribution, for the city's fire commanders at the scene of the fire in time make accurate judgment and force deployment has obvious advantages. Fire team organization in the process of production, the squadron fire officers and soldiers into jurisdiction key units at the grass-roots level, to the unit structure, floors, the area USES, key parts and indoor fire control facilities and the evacuation passageway and fire water supply and so on has carried on the field surrounding the familiarity, for indoor and outdoor fire hydrant pressure, pump adapter, high job sites, hose laying and parked position for field testing, further familiar with the basic situation of mastering the key unit of area, do the basic situation understanding, familiar with fire control facilities, tactical measures to understand, to ensure the accuracy of the digital VR plan making.

At the same time, the fire brigade also drafted a special class, to improve and refine the plan for the local teams. According to classification, phased, subregional, setting points, four stages within the key units on the key parts for panoramic information collection and production of key parts of the plan, regional plan, the overall plan and special plans, implement the "one enterprise one, one to a" work objectives, and invited experts to review the professional fire fighting and rescue work, to further standardize and improve the digital VR plan making, fire fighting and rescue promote forces of actual combat ability and fire fighting and rescue command decision-making level, comprehensive, intuitive and vividly show the key unit of firefighting units of the basic information, to enhance the fire fighting and rescue plan is practical and scientific, can effectively provide reference information for the commander, provided the scientific basis for the city's fire fighting and rescue work.