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The Director Of The Department Of Emergency Management Of The Ministry Of Education Of The Ministry Of Education Of The Ministry Of Education Of The Ministry Of Education Of The Chinese Academy Of Education And The Director Of The Institute Of Emergency Management Of The Chinese Academy Of Sciences Visited The Company
- Dec 28, 2017 -

On December 7, in the afternoon, the ministry of education de-xiang zhang section chief of remote Dong Chuanyi dean of emergency management and the university of Chinese academy of sciences, to the bright light is captivating and pipe shop middle school, and guiding XunLianCang project safety quality education of primary and middle school students intelligence, and secretary of the city from the vast accompanied by company leaders.

Two leaders in pipe shop first middle school, on-the-spot investigation by vast company research and development of small and medium-sized students' safety quality education intelligent XunLianCang, watching the students on XunLianCang teaching and practice.

The leaders entered the cabin to examine the functions of the training module in detail, and highly praised Mr. Ni and Mr. Ni for their personal contribution to the research and development of the training module. School management is required to take good care of the training module, and use this technology carrier to better carry out safety quality education for students.

President dong gave a short speech to the students, introduced all kinds of security knowledge, and pointed out that the self-security quality of primary and middle school students was the fundamental way to avoid risk and disaster. We hope that the students will establish security concepts, improve safety awareness and skills, and improve their safety and happiness.

At the end of the event, the leader of the activity took a group photo with the students.

On December 8, the immense headquarters, the company leadership and director zhang, dong, dean of the project meeting, consistent feel, safety of primary and middle school students, the successful development of quality education intelligent XunLianCang is an effective method for safety of primary and middle school students quality education, expand the training space, enrich education content, improving the education quality. At the same time, the two leaders of the realization of the function of the generation of XunLianCang and improvement proposed the guidance, to further improve and innovation, safety quality education for students to provide more practical and more advanced education carrier.