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The Domestic Fire Truck Market Is Following The International Trend Towards High-end Development.
- Mar 03, 2018 -

On January 30, a twin engine fire engine caught everyone's attention on the streets of nanjing, jiangsu province. This is nanjing fire detachment introduced Austria apragaz two-way driving fire rescue vehicle, fire rescue vehicle has a unique dual cab and two-way driving four-wheel steering system, without turning back direction, particularly suitable for narrow lanes tunnel accident rescue, race against time to rescue and relief. As one of the important tools for rescue and relief, the market demand of fire engines is increasing, and it is also developing towards the high-end market.

Development status of domestic and foreign fire engines industry.

As an important branch of fire fighting equipment, fire engine is becoming more and more mature and perfect. Today, compressed air foam extinguishing system (CAFS) is widely used in the world. Compressed air foam system (CAFS) is also called the "August 17" foam extinguishing system, refers to a drop of water after the system into seven bubble, each bubble of extinguishing effect equals the extinguishing effect with a drop of water, greatly improving the extinguishing effect. Its extinguishing agent is divided into class A and class B.

With the development of economy and society, people also ask for other functions of fire engines. For example, nowadays there are more and more high-rise buildings, and high class fire engines are created. In addition to the task of fire fighting, elevating fire engines can also be used for high-altitude rescue.

China's fire truck industry is mainly imported from abroad at the beginning of reform and opening up. With the improvement of the overall technical level of China's automobile industry, the production of fire engines has developed rapidly. However, compared with foreign products, most of the fire engines produced in our country belong to labor-intensive and low-tech products, such as ordinary tank cars, light foam water tankers, etc.

Domestic fire truck market demand, heavy fire engines are concerned.

At present, the number and quality of fire engines in China are still very deficient, especially the unreasonable structure and low proportion of special vehicles. The statistical results show that the water tanker accounts for over 60% of the total, while the special vehicles (except the water tank, dry powder, and other vehicles) account for only 10%, and the high-end heavy duty and high spray models are seriously inadequate.

In terms of total volume, the current number of fire engines in China is between 20,000 and 30,000, and the number of fire engines is newly added and updated by more than 2,000 vehicles annually, which is far below the level of the international developed countries. In addition, with the increasing of modern fire types, there is more and more demand for special fire engines.

For example, with the development of urbanization and social economy, the fire safety problem of high-rise buildings has attracted more attention, and people have raised higher demands on safety. According to the data provided by the fire department of the ministry of public security, there are more than 98,000 high-rise buildings nationwide, with 1,154 high-rise buildings over 100 meters high, and growing rapidly. Heavy fire trucks with full function, high lift height, large injection volume and further and higher injection distance, have become the darlings of the fire truck market and the mainstay of future urban fire fighting.

Technical level and development trend of Chinese fire truck production enterprises.

Increased demand from the market demand for high-end fire engines, but product technology, the domestic fire problem such as low level of technology, the quality is not stable, the demand of high-end fire trucks can only rely on imports of foreign cars, such as the nanjing this two double engines is the introduction of Austria. Therefore, in order to develop the high-end market in the future, China's fire engines should develop towards the national level: water-saving, light, intelligent and professional.