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The Eight Iron Nails Are Listed In Luoyang Fire Fighting Force
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Recently, luoyang fire detachment secret service for ms team 2 squadron equipped with eight fire machine equipment column is installed in place, put together with the secret service officers and soldiers into daunting fire disaster relief BeiQin post, advanced "robocop" will replace the fire rescue workers roam the flammable and explosive, toxic, anoxic, smoke dangerous disasters, such as the scene of the accident, detect, search and rescue, fire fighting and rescue tasks.

It is understood that the advanced fire-fighting robot by citic heavy industry machinery co., LTD. Research and development production, batch Fielding luoyang fire forces began last year, after the combination of scientific research personnel and secret service men test applications, has become a mature Fielding fire-fighting equipment, become a secret service officers and soldiers to fight fire relief under special circumstances a powerful assistant.

Fire fighting robots consists of ontology, fire water cannons, monitoring yuntai, manipulation of the terminal and other parts, using rubber crawler walking style, can climb 30 degrees, the largest water flow 80 litres per second, maximum range of 70 meters, walking speed is 1.5 meters per second. Robot head is equipped with camera rotate 360 degrees, can be directly in front of water cannon is about 40 cm long, the tail is equipped with two special fire hose interface, can satisfy the different conditions of fire reconnaissance detection, search and rescue and fire fighting needs.

According to introducing, the robot into the fire, the camera will absorb the field data to control platform, operators using synchronous transmission control terminal on video to the command center, manipulation of the fire-fighting robot reconnaissance, fire detection and fire fighting operations. The water cannon can be used to spray water column and fog. It has the advantages of remote remote control, large jet flow and long range.