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The First Lesson Of Enterprise Lecture Hall Is The Main Lecture Of Enterprise Lecture Hall By Ni, The Founder Of Mingguang City Fire Truck Manufacturer
- Dec 29, 2017 -

On December 12, 2014, organized by mingguang city industrial park management committee "enterprise hall", class first class by mingguang vast security technology co., the honorary chairman of the board of directors - NiShiHe teacher speaker. The event was held in the corporate lecture hall of the park management committee.

This activity launched by the park management committee and organization, vice secretary of municipal party committee li friend, industrial park management committee, head of lw to attend and chair the lecture hall to speak, and give congratulations to municipal party committee leadership, to participate in the activity of the personnel by the mingguang city park enterprises principal composition, about one hundred people attended the event.

Mr. Ni and his teacher began to cut into the study after President xi jinping attended the 2565th anniversary of the birth of Confucius. Learning about "Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism" as the representative of Chinese classics, "classics" package of the content of the letter, "traditional Chinese" representative books, "referring to" primary school, and relevant content of huizhou merchants carried on the simple story, and introduce "reading is good, doing good, effect is good. It is difficult to start a business, to be punctual. The concept of huishang is to analyze the core problems of entrepreneurship, management and industry in a realistic manner. In the lectures always combines the actual conditions of the current society and enterprise management theory and practice of communication, nearly three hours of classes always warm atmosphere, and staff involved in the learning initiative gave up a break time, listen attentively, records, until the end of the event.

Mingguang vast security technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in research and design of fire truck, fire modified sales and training of enterprise, has the fire truck production qualification certification approved by the ministry of public security, as an influential enterprises in the zone, has for years been committed to the Chinese learning of their own enterprises, strengthen the moral and skill integrated training of employees. In recent years, in addition to carry out internal fixed learning, has been advocated mingguang enterprises can classics in together, learn from traditional Chinese way of business enterprise, and became the first in chuzhou to set up "business federation", also it is the first "business federation" in mingguang city unit.

As mingguang vast founder NiShiHe teacher security technology co. LTD., after the exit management job, committed to the study and research of "national studies", since 2009 have now published the "analects of Confucius and the picture", "the analects of Confucius and winning", "the analects of Confucius, N offspring", "the analects of Confucius and the game research" and other professional work, also is about to issue the fifth book.