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The Maintenance Instructions Of Fire Engines
- Dec 22, 2017 -

The fire engine needs constant maintenance to keep the traffic in order. Usually the driver is very big about the maintenance, because obviously know the car not to maintain the very soon, but very heartache to pay for the maintenance. In general, the oil is almost every 10,000 kilometers or a year, and the brake oil is changed every two years, and the gear oil needs to be replaced longer. In addition to these 3 kinds of oil have a relatively fixed maintenance mileage, what other clutch oil, power direction oil, water tank water and so on are all depending on the situation replenishment or replacement.

The purpose of maintenance is checked, the purpose of inspection is to prevent. In addition to the liquid, there are some solid things to change, most often the spark plugs and air filters. Generally speaking, platinum spark plug is about 100,000 kilometers to replace once, and air filter is usually 40,000 kilometers to replace. It is the timing belt and its idler group. Only the vehicle with the right time belt needs to be replaced, and the engine designed with the timing chain will not need to be replaced. The replacement of the belt is one of the most expensive items in the normal maintenance, and it is not to be saved. There are so few things to replace, because the real purpose of maintenance is not to replace the consumables, but to check that the vehicles are indistinguishable.

Many people have the wrong idea that maintenance is changing oil. But in fact, oil change is never the focus of maintenance. It's more routine. The main purpose of maintenance is to check that all parts of the car are damaged or need to be adjusted. The action of these tests will ensure your driving safety. There are many items of inspection, generally examining the engine, exterior and chassis parts. Open the hood to check the water tank, oil tank, variable speed, power steering hydraulic oil, brake fluid, windshield wiper water, battery, belts, air filter, etc., the next step is to check the wipers, wipers syringe nozzle, the whole car light, again is to examine the braking and hand brake, tires, transmission shaft, shock, all kinds of oil seal cushion rubber mat, and pay attention to the car with or without abnormal oil and various abnormal phenomena.

Oil and oil filters are the things that must be changed every time. Before changing oil, the oil gauge should be drawn out to check whether the oil consumption and viscosity are normal or not. Water tank water should notice whether the water is normal, but also pay attention to whether the water color is normal. When the water in the water tank is abnormal, the water tank must be updated. Gearbox oil generally checks oil content and color, power steering oil. Brake oil in addition to replace every two years, each time maintenance to check the oil quantity and colour and lustre, when highly decreased a little is not in a hurry to add, that's because to wear lead to brake points caused by pump out, put on the new land oil will be recovered.

There are two kinds of electric cylinders for fire fighting vehicles, one is the free water type, the other is the traditional addition of water. The use of water - free is usually required to check the mark, and the traditional water - water bottle will be filled to the full water level. Check the battery and check it with the battery. When the battery is overpressed, it is necessary to replace the aging of the battery. The battery life is usually two years. The air filter core is generally 40,000 kilometers, but every time the maintenance will be checked, so as to avoid the damage. At the end of the day, check the exhaust air pollution, which is usually done on behalf of the engine.

The inspection of the chassis is usually the most difficult to achieve, because there are no top car, brake force detection machine and other equipment. The most important part of the brake inspection is the brake force, which should be more than 80% of the weight of the vehicle. The second is to check the thickness of the film to make the thickness less than 2mm and be replaced immediately. The tire should check tire pressure, wear, eat and age. Tire 1.6 mm will be replaced immediately, check the positioning when eating tire, tire aging also need to change, even if the tread pattern is still the same deep, because the tires will lose elasticity and by exposure to ultraviolet radiation aging grip, usually recommended tyre use no more than 4 years. In addition, it is to check the transmission and suspension system of the bottom of the car, which is basically to check whether the oil seal is damaged or not.


After a summer of use, many owners found that the car seems to have the taste of a mold, mildew, actually this kind of situation is mainly due to the evaporation of water in the long time cannot volatilize, caused by a breeding ground for bacteria. The way to avoid this problem is simple:

First, when the weather is not hot, roll down the car Windows on both sides of the vehicle and open the Windows to keep the air in the car fresh.

Second, when normal air conditioning drives, the refrigeration pump can be turned off before the destination can be reached, but the air supply function is turned on, allowing the natural wind to blow dry the water in the evaporating box.

Third, because the summer rain, more cars are driven in some wading pavement, often leads to lower contamination of air conditioner condenser on many sediment, time is long will rust in the condenser, thus shortening the service life of air conditioning. It is worth reminding that when cleaning, do not touch the condenser radiator, not to damage the pipe.

Clean and replace air conditioning filter in time

Good air conditioning quality mainly depends on air conditioning filter, so it should be cleaned and replaced regularly. It is understood that in general, the air conditioning filter is cleaned every 5000 kilometers or 3 months, and the air conditioning filter is replaced every 20, 000 kilometers or 12 months. The air conditioner filter is the filter of the air conditioner in the car. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the dust attached to it will be blown into the car with the air conditioner on.

Therefore, in the summer and autumn, the air conditioning filter should be cleaned and replaced. The replacement step is simple, as long as the filter is taken out, with water cannon and disinfection machine.

The air conditioning line is clean and unobstructed

Air conditioning pipeline cleaning is a very important work, because the autumn weather is dry, plus summer high frequency to use air conditioning, some dirt, dust, bacteria in the air conditioning pipe in breeding and deposits. If do not clean in time, can cause air conditioning to appear the refrigeration effect is poor, the problem that produces air quantity is small, even still can appear air conditioning system malfunction.

In general, the air conditioning pipe can be cleaned with a special air conditioner cleaning agent. After the vehicle is started, the air conditioning intake is turned on, the air volume is opened to the maximum, and the temperature is the lowest. The air conditioning cleaning agent is driven from the inlet into the internal pipeline; About 20 minutes or so, the air conditioning line's dirt can be discharged from the sewer pipe.