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The Relationship Between The Range Of Fire Engines And The Chassis Of A Fire Engine
- Sep 08, 2018 -

Today we're going to talk about the relationship between the fire truck's water cannon range and the chassis of the car. Many people who first contact the fire truck want to buy the truck with the longest range at the lowest cost. That's a good hope, but the reality is cruel. As a manufacturer of the fire truck, we've been working hard to achieve a higher cost-effectiveness. Fire trucks, however, are still difficult problems for engineers around the world to break through because of the inherent characteristics of machinery.

Generally speaking, in order to fire trucks have a longer range, the power of the fire pump must be greater, because the capacity is conservative, the higher the speed of water being fired by fire cannons, then the greater the capacity of the fire pump to produce.

The operation of the fire pump depends on the engine and gearbox on the chassis to achieve, because the chassis manufacturers will rely on light trucks, medium trucks, heavy trucks to match the engine, the greater the power of the engine, the larger the size of its shape, the greater the requirements for installation space, the current market. The light truck is unable to install the heavy truck engine. So when the engine produces the ability to provide the fire pump, if the fire pump wants to get more energy, then the engine power must be increased, in the current situation can only be achieved by replacing the chassis, in fact, replacing the chassis is mainly to obtain more power engine.

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