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The Robot Is Present At The Scene Of Inflammable And Explosive Fire Drill.
- Apr 12, 2018 -


Recently, in jiangsu province changshu fire brigade carry out the flammable and explosive place fire extinguishing rescue drill, the fire fighting machine people to show their skill. Exercises suppose a company has methanol storage tank farm 111 because of the electrostatic fire tube valve leakage, tank caused by burning methanol materials, fire spread rapidly, roof full combustion, flow and the formation of about 50 square meters in the ground fire, gradually spread to the adjacent to the tank, is adjacent to the tanks on fire. Rescue process, changshu fire brigade command center assemble chemical zone squadron, binjiang squadron strength, and assemble the sea runs the squadron, MeiLi squadron, civilian war service security forces, such as a pond squadron shinan park, hi-tech squadron reinforcements. Meanwhile, officers and soldiers used mobile guns, fire fighting robots, and aerial vehicles to cool the fire cans and adjacent cans, thus giving full play to the maximum efficiency of equipment and equipment.