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The Spring City Fire Fighting And Rescue Digital Plan Has Been Awarded The Best Plan.
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Recently, the yunnan team organized the provincial fire forces 2017 digital fire fighting and rescue preplan appraisal work, 8 selected team level of high-quality goods plan, among them, the team in kunming international convention and exhibition center fire fighting and rescue plan, the oil refining project of yunnan in the fire rescue plans, east square subway station fire fighting and rescue preplan in 3 plans as the province team level of high-quality goods plan, guandu group singing springs furniture city fire fighting and rescue preplan in victory, by the open group "by the fire fighting and rescue plans to open the third middle school as the provincial level boutique plans big () in the team.

In recent years, kunming team adhere to the "based on jurisdiction, focus on the actual combat, focused, practical and efficient" principle, and efficient production to promote the city's fire forces digital fire fighting and rescue plan and appraisal work. The first nationwide based on VR, panoramic view, emerging technologies, such as aerial completed nearly 2000 fire safety key units digital plans for fire fighting and rescue work, accumulated a lot of experience, has made some progress, many fire fighting forces in the whole province swap application of major security field and the joint chiefs of staff, for the bureau, ministries and agencies of the department, team leader departments fully affirmed and brother team's popularization and application. Especially last year, the team set up special class draw capable force, according to the classification, phased, subregional, setting points, four stages of oil refining project of yunnan nine production storage and transportation in the region, 17 sets of equipment and storage area, 39 key position to carry out the panoramic information collection, making the factory 3 d electronic sand table, key parts of the plan, process area plan, general plan and special plans, implement the "one enterprise a, a pack a book" the work target, 65 sets of plans to invite the national petroleum chemical industry fire fighting and rescue experts conducted a review and a pass. This year, the team will continue to sum up experience, combined with bureaus, contingent pushing forward the construction of the digital plan compiling and management application platform fully consolidated plan made a panoramic digital acquisition mode, explore the digital plan production mode of 3 d modeling, meet the needs of the dynamic damage evolution or operational effectiveness.

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