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The Use Of Foam Fire Engines
- Sep 07, 2017 -

Bubble fire engines (artillery) is the necessary equipment to fight the fire, such as oil, chemical industry, factories and mines, port freight yard and so on. Because it also has the performance of the tank fire truck, so the correct use of foam fire engines for each fire commander, is a worthy of attention. Due to the special performance of the foam fire engines, decided to fire the firefighters facing most of the petrochemical and other dangerous large fire scene. This kind of fire has the characteristics of burning speed, the change of fire situation, the high probability of explosion combustion and the threat to fire engines and combatants. Therefore, in order to make the fire fire truck reach the fire favorable position, Must pay attention to the following points: 

1, foam fire truck should use the side of the rear against the fire, the rapid water, increased to the appropriate pressure (Dongfeng fire engines, for example, the use of PQ8 gun pressure ≥ 0.686MP, the use of vehicle gun pressure ≥0.785MP), open the pressure water cock, then open the bubble tank out of the ball valve, the mixer transferred to the appropriate location, aimed at the flame center, spray foam liquid. 

2, when the use of foam guns for melee, should be based on the fire situation on the fire truck to the necessary protection. Can be covered with asbestos cloth body, when needed and can be covered with water mist water. 

3, in the whole process of fighting the fire, the driver must stick to the post, and constantly pay attention to the immediate leakage of the vehicle foam, timely filling foam liquid. Once the bubble liquid refill, will inevitably affect the entire fire fighting operations.

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