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The Xianyang Changwu Fire Service Welcomed A New Comrade-in-arms Control Fire Truck
- Dec 29, 2017 -
On the morning of August 4th, the xianyang changwu fire brigade welcomed a new "comrade" in the sound of firecrackers: the 25-meter high spray wireless remote control fire truck, which further enhanced the squadron's ability to fight and fight fire fighting.

With the rapid development of social economy, changwu high-rise buildings have mushroomed in general, high-rise buildings continue to increase the jurisdiction of group party committee to face the reality, positive report to the county government, county government main leadership attaches great importance to the team and equipment construction, held a special meeting to study, decided to purchase used in high-rise building fire fighting and rescue for high jet engines. The county government finally decided to spend 1.5 million yuan to purchase a radio-controlled fire truck for the long force.


The 25-meter high spray radio-controlled fire truck

The 25-meter high jet, which was purchased by the fire brigade of the changwu fire brigade, was designed for the electric control foam/water firefighting fire, 9 tons fire tank, and three-section folding arm bracket. The maximum flow rate of the fire system reaches 70L/S. The effective range is greater than 60 meters. Equipped with large flow of fire water pumps and electric fire cannons, it can meet the needs of fire fighting operation in various situations, especially the needs of petrochemical industry. Both water and water can be used for fire fighting.

25 meters high jet wireless remote control the fire brigade to the team, three squadron is picked out the skillful driver training, factory engineer detail introduce three drivers of vehicles operation using method, performance parameters, the applicable scope, maintenance considerations, and cheap limit test in engineering and technical personnel as the guidance, to really understand the performance of the vehicle, to ensure that the driver can more skilled master this new equipment, truly achieves the combination of people and equipment, to achieve as soon as possible, play an important role in the fire fighting and rescue work in the future battle.

Held up the 25 meters spray column of wireless remote control apparatus, the squadron combat power improved a lot, but also greatly encouraged the brigade officers and soldiers morale, for brigade increasingly onerous task in the future, more victories, laid a solid foundation.