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TheHaomiao Technology Company Successfully Completed The 2017 Beijing International Fire Protection Equipment And Technology Exchange Exhibition
- Dec 28, 2017 -

On September 8, 2017, with the closing notice of the Beijing international fire exhibition, our company successfully completed the exhibition. This activity, we carefully prepared and from below determine to prepare, booth design and build, publicity materials design to printing, all by the specialist is responsible, to get everything finished on time and qualified exhibition work.

Exhibition in the exhibition, I company's products are all new development of the company, mainly for large industrial fire design, research and development is mainly to solve large fire water supply "remote water fire extinguishing combination" (pump pressure car, hose, high power water cannon and pressurized module), have to solve large-scale fire for powder dry powder extinguishing fire engines, foam fluid for foam extinguishing the fire, have solved 590000 set of large fire smoke exhaust smoke fire truck, fire engines, duct transportation vortex spray fire engines, 25 meters three-phase composite jet jet engines, safety of primary and middle school students quality training module models and combination. From the effect of the exhibition, the products of our company have been well received by the industry leaders and officers, and appreciated the professionalism and practicability of our products and equipment innovation. Which dominated by NiShiHe old gentleman research and development of small and medium-sized students' safety quality training module is to visit attracted a lot of experience, China's CCTV and fire protection association conducted an interview with reporters, has carried on the deep concern and interpretation.

During the exhibition, chuzhou calligrapher and painter were invited to create the exhibition at the booth to bring the visitors to huishang and anhui culture.

In the exhibition, our company's new intelligent fire protection platform also opened the qr code to invite visitors.

On September 11, 2017, the exhibitors of our company were invited to return safely after the exhibition and the exhibition was successfully completed.


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