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Trends, Technologies To Improve
- Mar 07, 2017 -

In view of the above problems in domestic fire engines, the author proposes the following improvement measures:

(A) safety upgrading technology

Vehicle safety has become the automobile manufacturing industry and consumer issues of common concern. Special vehicle for fire-fighting vehicles, safety performance is essential. In addition to General motor vehicles should pay attention to the center of gravity height, lighting warning, roll angle and other safety factors, fire appliances should also have other special safety features.

Fire vehicles out general are is to processing emergency event, so, it in road of speed will than General of vehicles fast many, in corners, and wet sliding sections or emergency brake, and avoid Shi, due to body itself volume larger, lack flexible degrees, is has may occurred side turned, accident, not only will on fire personnel caused hurt, more will effect out police effect, delay clock of fire rescue relief work; and equipment has brake anti-hold died, and accelerated anti-sliding system, electronic stable program of fire engine, Can real-time monitor the vehicle status in the car. When an emergency occurs can effectively control the braking and stability, so as to prevent vehicles skidding and rollover accidents. In addition, by changing the lights, warning lights, increasing the range of vehicles, improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, disaster reduction valuable relief resources and extending the life of fire-fighting equipment. For example, using LED light emitting device of alternative halogen lamp out can achieve this effect.

(B) the reliability of hoisting technology

Standard of domestic fire engine used generally for about eight years, but much of the fundamental up to eight years, they use five or six years later, cars on the valve, interfaces, switches, relays and other parts are much less than before. Therefore the development of more wear-resistant, anti-aging, warranty mileage for longer, more durable stability of fire trucks, fire industry has become extremely urgent need. PC polymer rubber support and air suspension, corrosion-resistant electrodeposition primers, chrome and plastic technology, applications are able to effectively enhance the fire-engine reliability and prolong aging parts corrosion processes, limited relief resources for greater efficiency.