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Use Of Fire Truck Vehicle Tools
- Jul 01, 2017 -

  Use of fire truck vehicle tools

  Triangle warning sign

  Triangle warning signs are generally placed in the luggage compartment, because it is not often used, usually where a lot of people where it put it, when used to find trouble to know, so usually have to develop good habits, it Stick to where you can find the first time.

  Triangle warning card is made of plastic reflective material passive reflector, so the correct way is placed on the side of the reflective layer of the direction of the vehicle, the use of its return reflective performance to remind the incoming vehicle, if placed wrong Then it will lose its proper role. In addition, in the release of the signs at the same time, do not forget to open double flash lights, this need to bear in mind.

  Fire extinguisher

  In general, fire extinguishers and triangular warning signs are placed in the luggage compartment, in order to avoid the loss of the best fire fighting time, the reporter suggested that conditions permitting can buy a fixed device, and then put the fire extinguisher on the driver's seat the following. Some models on the market are now equipped with this device.

  Fire extinguisher has a variety of signs, the owner should pay special attention to its pressure gauge, when the pointer in the "refill" area, said the tank gas pressure is lower than the normal use of pressure; if the "super-filling" Use pressure. There are two cases, the owner can go to 4S shop or fire department to replace a new one. In addition, the fire extinguisher there are instructions, in case of rush to forget not know how to use, you can look at.

  Change tire tools

  If the fire truck vehicles need to change the tires, first of all to put the warning signs mentioned earlier to ensure that the safety of hands-on tires. Jack and wrench is the main tool for tire change, but do not rush to the roof up, because also need to take advantage of the first wheel screw loose.

  After the release of the fire truck wheel, as long as a little exploration of the body you can see the two small groove placed on the jack, the next is basically the physical work. It is important to remember that whether it is to remove the tire or put on the spare tire, must be in accordance with the diagonal order, from top to bottom in turn release or tighten.


  Forget to read the lights, a few days later to the fire truck to find out how can not start ... ... met the battery no electricity, the line will be able to help. But the order and details of the line must be clearly. Before connecting the power supply to the car, must first turn off the engine; to the tram connected to the line, we should pay attention to do not let the pole of the positive and negative contact, otherwise there will be a short circuit risk.

  After taking the line, start the power supply of the vehicle, you can give a car to provide a stable voltage, if the vehicle's battery is normal, about 1 minute should be able to start. Finally, when the demolition of the line to remove the negative, and then remove the positive (this time also pay special attention to not positive and negative hit).

  safety hammer

  There are two kinds of safety hammer and multi-function safety hammer. In contrast, the success rate of a single function safety hammer broken window is relatively high, because the middle part of the tempered glass the most solid, so when the window hit, to hit the windows of the four corners and found a crack, and more for a while Hard to succeed. In addition, because the hammer will be used after the wear and tear serious, we must remember to buy another one.