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We Need To Have An Eye For Fire Fighting Equipment.
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Fire control products usually don't need, but take out an emergency in time, that is the "lifeline", a crisis if its quality problems, even if it is not qualified rate one percent, consumers are likely to cause one hundred percent of despair. Fire control products as important social public security products, once the "lifeline" to become "invisible bomb", is easy to fraud in production, circulation and consumption fake counterfeits, lack of law enforcement and anti-counterfeiting, lack of service, not as in the areas of generation units used a series of "prank" behavior.


Qualified fire fighting products and fake products has a certain difference in the cost of production, the production cost of qualified higher than that of fake and shoddy, producers often want to put into production of a small amount of money to get high economic returns. In the city of yancheng, jiangsu province, some small doors in the mall floor, there are a variety of fire fighting products, but how many of these products are qualified?

Identify fire equipment products.

In daily life, fire emergency lighting, the direction of the is to guide people to escape, at ordinary times should keep current state, emergency lighting and some places don't this effect, the once accident happened, the consequences would have been unthinkable. In some personnel intensive place of stair, once the emergency lights can't maintain electricity, or exit the light not bright, fire evacuation escape when it is easy to walk in the wrong direction. In the condition of power, the qualified fire emergency lighting can continue to keep the power supply for an hour and a half, and inferior of fire control products often cannot meet the needs of the battery capacity can not meet the provisions of the illumination time.

In addition, due to the performance and index of fire fighting products, many users lack professional fire protection knowledge and cannot distinguish authenticity. At present, many fire-fighting products are difficult to distinguish in appearance, some are "twin brothers", without professional equipment, can not distinguish authenticity.

In order to distinguish fake and inferior fire fighting equipment, it is best to do "two tests and three inspection" : the "two tests" is to verify the identity card of the product and verify it online. "Three look" is when buying fire extinguisher, want to see the pressure of fire extinguisher is in green area; It is necessary to see whether there are fire extinguishers or types, use methods, warranty period, name of manufacturer, etc. Also depends on the appearance of the fire extinguisher, there is deformation, scratch and so on. For the general public, the simplest way is to go to the formal legal fire equipment distribution shop to buy.