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What Is The Difference Between A Civilian Fire Truck And A Military Fire Truck?
- Aug 25, 2018 -

With the rapid development of China's economy, the awareness of fire safety among the government and citizens is increasing year by year. The proportion of fire trucks purchased by the community is getting higher and higher. The self-provided fire truck can extinguish it in the first time of the fire, maximizing the fire. Reduce the damage caused by fire to our personnel and property.

When a general customer asks to buy a fire truck, we usually ask the customer whether they need to get a license, whether it is a military license or a civilian license. Because the price of these types of fire trucks is different, and some models have certain differences. Customers should still consider their practical performance when choosing, choose the right model.

Civil fire truck and military fire truck difference

Fire trucks are mainly divided into two categories: 1. Military fire trucks: upper military licenses (most of the armed police, fire brigade requirements); 2. Civil fire trucks: on civilian licenses (enterprises and townships, communities, etc.). The fire truck of the Shangjun brand requires the fire truck manufacturer to have the 3C qualification of the national compulsory certification. Understand the manufacturer you need to buy this fire truck with or without 3C certificate, otherwise it is not a military card. The civil use card is the same as other special cars, there is no special requirement, as long as there is an announcement from the National Development and Reform Commission. The households must strictly follow the model in the announcement to produce the order, one letter can not be wrong, mainly the chassis model and the vehicle model, and the corresponding engine model, girders, etc. must be clear before the vehicle is out. There must be no sloppy, and a slight mistake will affect the normal family. The top part of the fire truck should be consistent with the picture on the announcement. There should be no major differences. The size of the vehicle and some parameters should be corresponding to each other.

one. The civil fire truck is a simple fire sprinkler function. Because of the need of the environment, the working area is mostly narrow streets. Therefore, the fire truck models should not be too large, and the wheelbase is small, so that the operation of travel, turning and fire fighting equipment is the most convenient. It is advisable to achieve the best fire extinguishing effect. Multi-function fire sprinklers and small fire trucks (Dongfeng Ruiling, Dongfeng Dolly, Jiangling, Qingling) are most commonly used.

two. Military fire engines are used by firefighting forces and generally require an armed police license, so the qualifications are very strict. The general manufacturer's 3C certification (for military use) is not easy to handle, and you need to pay attention to whether the manufacturer has 3C certification when purchasing a car.

three. There is also a certain difference in the configuration of the whole vehicle. The models used by the firefighting units need to be equipped with 25 pieces of fire-fighting equipment. The small-sized fire-fighting vehicles can be selected according to the needs of the environment, and the fire-fighting pumps are used. There are two types of normal pressure and medium and low pressure pumps. Commonly, if you want to choose medium and low-pressure pumps with high power, townships, communities, etc. do not need to use such high configuration, and the conventional type is completely sufficient. In order to achieve the ultimate in fire fighting efficiency, the fire brigade will require the best configuration.

Civil fire truck and military fire truck difference

So far, Xiaobian said so many people have a preliminary understanding of the two types of fire trucks? Here, the fire truck manufacturer reminds you that no matter which kind of fire truck you choose, it is most important for your needs.