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Winter Fire Safety Tips For Factory Enterprises
- Jan 17, 2018 -

As the saying goes, it is difficult to start a business and burn a day. As an enterprise, it is necessary to pay attention to safe production and prevent it from happening. In winter, when the weather is cold, there is a general increase in the use of fire and gas, and the risk of fire is greatly increased. Chongqing longevity fire protection reminds all units to keep in mind the main responsibility of fire safety, and the public should strengthen prevention, eliminate fire hazards and jointly create a good fire safety environment.

1. During the festival, the factory enterprises should strictly implement the responsibility of fire safety, strengthen the patrol on duty, and eliminate fire hazards in time.

2. The factory enterprise shall eliminate illegal operation, and prohibit the use of fire, oil, electricity and gas in violation of regulations, and the operation or heating shall be strictly prohibited in the construction site.

3. The factory should organize the fire fighting and evacuation drills regularly, and improve the staff's self-defense and self-saving ability.

4. In winter, dry goods are dry. In the factory, inflammables should be cleaned in time, and flammable articles should be stored according to standard.

5. During the festival, staff should be kept on duty to strengthen fire prevention patrol. When the fire starts, the fire should be disposed of in time, and immediately dial "119" fire alarm.

6. It is strictly prohibited to occupy, block or seal the safe exits, evacuation routes and fire truck passageways, and prohibit any obstructions that hinder the passage of fire engines and fire fighting.

7. Timely maintenance of fire control facilities and equipment to ensure the normal use of fire. It is strictly forbidden to damage, embezzle, bury, occupy or block fire control facilities and equipment.