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Winter Maintenance Of Remote Water Supply Fire Truck Which Way
- Jul 25, 2017 -

  Winter maintenance of remote water supply fire truck which way

  For the fire truck in the winter how to maintain this problem, I believe we have learned a lot, but we found that there will be a lot of fire engine driver friends do not pay attention, causing a lot of problems. Because some large enterprises will hire some people to generalize the relevant knowledge of fire engines, fire truck maintenance is not overnight, need long-term maintenance, so Xiaobian remind everyone, in life, we must develop the habit of curing the fire truck, Some small problems as long as the note, it will not be a big problem, but also for individuals and businesses save a lot of expenses, but also for the fire truck increased for several years of life. Therefore, we must pay attention to the maintenance of fire engines, the following give you talk about the remote water supply in the winter maintenance of the relevant elements of the bar

  1, in the remote water supply fire truck work, our staff to the fire truck surface of the soil and dust clean up, and check the inside of some important parts of the parts to see if there is no loosening or slip and so on.

  2, we check the safety of fire engines, to check the fire truck under the engine oil is not normal, there is no oil spill and so on.

  3, if the winter temperature reached minus 25 degrees below, and the fire engine downtime for a long time, then we have to timely the engine in the cold liquid discharge in a timely manner to avoid the engine caused by winter caused by rupture.

  4, to prevent the fire truck battery power problems, to prevent the battery loss of electricity, encountered freezing weather, the battery should be placed in a timely manner to the normal temperature of the greenhouse to save.

  5, every month to run a remote water supply within the water supply system. Try the pressure inside the fire truck, let the car boost, and then start the water spray system, try buck. Should always pay attention to the water supply system seal oil film is not still maintain a normal thickness to prevent leakage.

  6, fire engines during the Spring Festival is to stop working, this time the temperature has rebounded slightly. So Xiaobian suggested that everyone to the remote water supply fire truck to a special car maintenance shop, to the fire truck to be a beauty bar, the change for the change. Clean up the dirt in the car, ready for the work of the year.