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Xiangxi Fire Protection Enters The Enterprise To Carry Out Safety Training For Workers To Improve Fire Protection Ability.
- Jan 10, 2018 -

To spread knowledge of fire, fire prevention and fire extinguishing ability improve unit, recently, xiangxi autonomous prefecture of hunan province secret squadron of west hunan of hunan province natural gas pipe network investment and development co., LTD., the fire training and carry out the joint drill.

First of all, the mid-team leader for the company personnel conduct fire control knowledge lecture, professor unit researchers found that fire method of how to carry out the early fire and save after a disaster, and asked the company personnel for self escape, specify, head of the company as the commander in chief, assumptions on the third floor is on fire, staff should go fire channel, on the lower floor, downstairs collection named safety, complete evacuation drill. In order to enable the staff to master the proper use of the fire extinguishers, the staff of the Chinese team gave a demonstration to the staff and let the staff conduct the fire operation on the ground.

Finally carries on the practice, assuming that fire unit building 3 floor, secret squadron, called out three fire engines rushed to the scene of the fire, after arrived at the scene commander of fire investigation, immediately ordered one out of a main two guns fire was carried out on the third floor, room 3018, ordered two bus to searching for water supply than a bus, 3 were responsible for the alert. To promote squadron officers and soldiers flexible disposal ability, assuming the fire spread to the fourth floor, the commander ordered the closure of a gun stretch to the fourth floor, and ordered two out search and rescue team immediately at the floor on fire rescue personnel trapped. After the rehearsal, the commander conducted the exercise.

By conducting the training and pull the drill, make the unit employees familiar with the fire control knowledge and survival skills, at the same time enhances the squadron fire fighting and rescue work of actual combat ability of district units, laid the foundation for squadron promote winter operational ability.