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Xiangyang Skilled Craftsman Invented Foam Rapid Transmission Device.
- Feb 08, 2018 -


Water and foam extinguishing agents are essential for fire fighting. Most of the time, the water supply can guarantee continuous supply, but the professional foam extinguishing agent is difficult to supply in place. In addition to carrying out the trouble, it takes at least two minutes to transfer a 250kg foam extinguishing agent, and it is easy to bubble and plug the bubble tube. How to ensure the supply of foam extinguishing agent is a difficult problem in the field of fire fighting.

Today, the problem is solved by three firefighters in the xiangyang fire brigade in hubei province. They invented the positive pressure type foam fire extinguishing agent ShuZhuan device quickly, than the traditional single bubble ShuZhuan pump save 70000 multivariate, a bucket of 250 kg foam extinguishing agent ShuZhuan time reduced to 40 seconds from the 2 minutes. At present, the device has obtained national patent.

Supply 2 tons of foam in 5 minutes.

The three "fire workers" who invented the rapid transmission device of foaming agent are Yang chang, he jian and guan jiufeng.

Yang chang is an instructor at the xiangyang detachment special training base, and he jian and guan jiufeng are the equipment technicians of the xiangyang detachment's combat support team. Among them, he jian joined the army for 17 years, after years of fire fighting experience; Guan jiufeng is a professional firefighter, working for 19 years, good at auto repair.

Recently, in civilian war service guarantee brigade warehouse, I noticed that the warehouse has a small size of the cart and a few accessories, this is "fire" cunning invention of positive pressure type foam fire extinguishing agent ShuZhuan device quickly.

Yang chang attached the cart to the drum and pushed the cart back to the cart, and the 250kg drum was loaded onto the cart. It looked as if it was heavy, and it didn't bother. He Jian feng quick installation, long nozzle, import and export pressure valve and pipe, and then gently twist the switch, the air breathing apparatus cylinders on the cart began to provide high pressure air, foam liquid through the pipe, barrel to fire truck.

At the scene, after eight repetitions, a fire engine with a storage capacity of 2 tons can supply the needed foam for more than 5 minutes. According to the introduction, the cart volume is small, the weight is light, besides in place addition, can also direct to the fire line effect, the field transmission supplies.

The three men paid for the invention.

Yang said the supply of foam extinguishing agents is a major problem that has plagued the fire brigade. With the gradual increase of chemical enterprises, some large fire accidents occur, which makes solving this problem urgent.

How? In his spare time, Yang chang, he jian and guan jiufeng often discuss together and decide to use the existing conditions to create and create their own inventions.

One day last July, they drew up an agreed framework and started piecing together, but some key parts were not available for sale. "Don't look at these parts. They don't look good. He said that, in particular, the import and export of the interface, the direct impact of success. Do how? Without precision instruments, they measured and measured with calipers, and then measured to the machine shop. "There is no one to answer, trouble, time to make money." But they did not give up, and went through the heat of the summer to find the factory, until they reached the fifth place and said a good word, and the other side agreed. After a little bit of accumulation, a little over a week later, we finally had enough of the necessary parts.

Then they did the experiment over and over again. A month later, looking at a bucket of 250 kilograms of foam at the end of the load, the timer displayed for 40 seconds, they cheered: "we succeeded."

The cost of the traditional foam transfer pump is about 80,000 yuan, and the cost of this new invention is only 3,000 yuan, which is more than 70,000 yuan compared with the traditional equipment. The suit was filed last year with the state intellectual property office's "utility model patent certificate".

Soon after winning the patent, the invention is applied to the practice, in xiangyang city high-tech zone m zhuang town felt factory fire fighting and rescue, fire fighters carrying foam extinguishing agent, after finished the new device will soon be spare foam extinguishing agent ShuZhuan to the scene and put out the fire to save the same type than before two thirds of the time.