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Xianning Visual Command And Dispatch System Of Fire Extinguishing And Rescue Circle
- Jan 10, 2018 -

In recent days, the "visual command and dispatch system of 135 fire-fighting and rescue circle" developed by the fire brigade of xianning city, hubei province has been officially put into practice. The system can fully improve the response speed, fire fighting and rescue work do self-help available unit staff 1 minutes, near reinforcements available micro fire station 3 minutes, the fire power present disposal within 5 minutes.

In recent years, xianning team to promote various forms of fire team construction, successively built in government, business, professional team of 38, micro fire station 987, laid the foundation of the socialization of fire prevention and control system. In order to improve the three-year-long early dozen small capacity, xianning team with wisdom of fire fighting engineering construction as the breakthrough point, vigorously promote "a little fire, a multipoint, neighborhood assistance, cooperative engagement" zone defense work mechanism, innovation development "135 circle visual fire fighting and rescue command scheduling system".

"135 the visual command and dispatch system of fire fighting and rescue circle" connects the unit fire control room, the micro fire station and the full-time fire brigade to realize "a little touch network, multi-point perception, and all-staff linkage". The system consists of the "two hardware, software," four major parts, namely: called scheduling sub-center all-in-one, miniature firehouse networking alarm terminal, visualization scheduling command, remote PC software visualization command scheduling APP software, has a key alarm, a key scheduling, internal linkage, real-time monitoring, remote audio and video on duty management in consultation with, the fire inspection, fire iot remote monitoring linkage, command dispatching record query, real-time maps, and other functions. When the on-duty personnel appear to be missing or missing, the center video automatic linkage indicates the name, address and unattended real-time status of the relevant units.

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation, the system software is set up in hikvision "superintendent cloud platforms, video image transmission through the telecom private network security, voice transmission through telephone line protection. In case of fire alarm, the on-duty personnel will press the "internal linkage" button of the connected terminal device, and the fire control officer of the unit and all the members of the team will receive the instructions synchronously. Press the "119 fire alarm" button, and immediately report the disaster by connecting the branch command center of video with the branch of the alarm dispatching center. The command center presses the "135" fire-extinguishing ring button to dispatch the police tasks to all the micro fire stations within the district public security fire brigade and the "135" fire extinguishing circle to realize the video remote dispatching command. Public security fire control supervisor with the aid of mobile apps, can view the user information in time, the query site data, map location within their respective jurisdictions, real-time grasp various networking unit fire control room, full-time team personnel on duty, and so on and so forth.

At present, the system has been connected to the government, the professional fire brigade 12, the mini fire station 150, initially set up the big trap small circle, small circle to fill the large circle fire rescue new pattern.