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Xiaoshan Used Fire On Black Technology To Insert Wisdom Wings For Fire.
- Jan 19, 2019 -

A farmhouse in Jinlinhu Village, Qianqian Town, Xiaoshan District, is a warehouse building with no smoke outlets. It houses more than ten tenants. In the early morning of May last year, electric bicycle charging on the first floor caused fire. Fortunately, the newly installed independent smoke alarms after fire remediation were triggered by smoke, and all tenants were awakened by loud alarms and escaped in advance.

In July last year, a fire broke out in a household in Times Square, Beishan Street, Xiaoshan. The fire in the high-rise building was urgent. Fortunately, the pump house and fire-fighting pipe network in the community had been repaired in the fire protection of high-rise buildings in the past few days. I rushed to the scene at one time and used the fire hydrant to control the fire. All 8 people were able to escape.

In the intelligent charging pile warning system of Xiangshu Street in Wenyu Street, Mr. Chen’s electric vehicle was monitored by “Black Technology”. The charging power belongs to the “water wave heartbeat” power, which has the danger of explosion, and is recommended by the staff. Mr. Chen replaced the charger and battery, and an electric car fire was avoided.


Xiaoshan has a developed private economy and a large number of migrants. The fire prevention and control tasks are heavy and wide. In recent years, through the development of smart fire protection, Xiaoshan has used information technology to strengthen early warning and forecast, extend the regulatory tentacles, and comprehensively improve the fire prevention and control capabilities of the jurisdiction.

Real-time monitoring, timely alarm

As one of the people's livelihood projects in Xiaoshan District in 2018, last year, Xiaoshan District invested 56 million yuan in district-level financial development. Among them, the most important thing is to build a “smart fire” platform that integrates fire safety management in rental housing, enterprises, high-rise buildings and property communities.

"Smart fire protection mainly uses the Internet of Things technology, through the fire safety remote monitoring service platform, to achieve 24-hour monitoring of key areas, to eliminate the fire in the 'sprout' state." Xiaoshan fire brigade deputy captain Du Yu said, using "smart fire ", real-time monitoring, timely alarm, the first time to organize the power to extinguish the fire.

What are the benefits of this "smart fire" platform? For example, in the management of rental housing, the smoke and the platform in the rental room are connected to the Internet. Once an alarm occurs, the personnel can be notified to escape in time; after networking with enterprises and institutions, the fire protection situation of the enterprise can be grasped in the first time; In the municipal fire hydrant management, the water source, water pressure and other conditions can be monitored in time, as well as the wisdom of the old community. Once an early warning occurs, the police can be dispatched for the first time.

For example, Hudong Village of Lushan Street last year effectively avoided a fire accident caused by a fire through "smart firefighting". At that time, the village cadres responsible for fire fighting in the village and a mobile phone on the landlord were both texted and telephoned, warning that the wireless intelligent smoke detector alarm installed in the landlord’s home was in the alarm, and the village cadres immediately mobilized the community micro-fire station while contacting the landlord. The team members went to the disposal and found that the ceiling was ignited due to a short circuit in the ventilation fan of the house.

The city's leading big data governance

Since the launch of the “Smart Fire” safety management platform in Xiaoshan District, the “two teams” of the two-level Bianchi Office and the grassroots micro-fire station full-time operation team have also realized the physical operation, and surrounded the high-rise buildings and rental houses in the district. The three old factories are focused on fire protection infrastructure construction.

At the same time, Xiaoshan District continued to promote the "Internet + hotel-style" management of rental housing, multi-tall buildings, residential rental housing fire safety hazard remediation, production and operation enterprise fire safety special rectification three special rectification actions, 326 high-rise property community control room To achieve remote control of remote control, 300 remote monitoring and access to fire water sources, 450 electric charging bicycles have been built, and 10,200 intelligent charging ports have been installed. 101,500 wireless intelligent smoke alarms have been installed, and 100 miniature fire stations have been completed.

Last year, Xiaoshan District's real-life fire experience museum was officially put into use. It is reported that this is also the largest real-life fire experience museum in the province. This venue integrates various missions such as fire protection, public security, transportation and anti-drug. The total construction area is 1,600 square meters. It is planned to arrange 100,000 citizens to experience the visit every year to enhance the public's awareness of fire safety.

Since last year, the fire safety level in Xiaoshan District has improved significantly. There were 384 fires in the district, a decrease of 143 compared with 2017, a decrease of 27.1%.