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You Should Know About Family Gas Fire Safety.
- Apr 12, 2018 -

Gas has made a great contribution to the convenience of the public, but there are still many friends who have little knowledge of how to safely use gas. Gas use undeserved, it is easy to cause explosion and poisoning, today, chongqing is on fire science a gas safety for everyone to use common sense, remember to be passed over to the people around, don't let the tragedy!

The "four big killers" most likely to cause gas leaks

One, barbecue water, boil congee, boil soup unattended, the soup overflow, doused the flame. The gas is unburned and diffused into the air, creating explosive gas in the kitchen.

2. The gas stove is close to the window and the flame is blown out by the wind. Do not turn off the gas valve in time, the gas leak out.

Three, water heater or liquefied gas cylinder rubber tube aging, falling off, rubber tube rupture leakage.

4. Improper use of the gas water heater, or when the water heater fails to repair the gas valve, and the gas leakage.

How to safely use gas?

1. Ventilation and installation of the gas facilities in the pipeline should be kept well ventilated and maintained in good ventilation.

2. Please do not stay away from and observe when using gas, so as to prevent the flame from being extinguished by boiling water or blown out by the wind.

Three, frequently check, often should check connection cookers hose, connectors, found aging loose hose should be replaced immediately, than use fixed number of year RanQiJu should update in time, often use soap and water and detergent check whether indoor gas fittings, hose part leak phenomenon, avoid by all means do not use open flame.

Four, before he goes to bed at night, or when the gas is not used for a long time, please check whether the cooker valve is closed, education children don't play with the valve on the gas pipeline, not on the indoor gas pipelines were installed facilities rest or slee