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Haomiao Technology is becoming the top brand in the field of industrial fire control of China!

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Classification of fire engines and product models 

◆ Water tank fire truck                     ◆ Foam tank fire truck

◆ Foam dry powder fire truck                ◆ CAFS fire truck

◆ Liquid supply fire truck

                                      Water tank fire truck
ISUZU 2,000L water tank fire truckISUZU 3,000L water tank fire truc
Foton 4,000L water tank fire truck

ISUZU 6,000L water tank fire truck

                                  Water/foam tank fire truck
HOWO 8,000L water/foam tank fire truckHOWO 16,000L water/foam tank fire truc
HOWO 25,000L water/foam tank fire truckHOWO 30,000L water/foam tank fire truck

                                    Water tower fire truck
18m water tower fire truck25m water tower fire truck
Benz 25m water tower fire truckLighting tower fire truck
command and communication fire truckPropaganda fire truck

                                      Riot Control Vehicle
Anti riot water cannon vehicleRazor barrier blocking vehicle
Police equipment vehicle

Blocking vehicle