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About Us

Mingguang Haomiao Security Protection Technology Corporation Since 1986

  • Leading company in firefighting and emergency rescue equipment.
  • Wide range of vehicles and equipment for industries and teams.
  • Recognized for technological innovation and prestigious awards.
  • Collaborating with universities for innovative rescue products.
  • Strong manufacturing capacity and numerous patents.
  • Committed to social responsibility and local economic support.

Mingguang Haomiao Security Protection Technology Corporation

Located in Mingguang, Anhui Province, primarily engaged in the research and development, production, sales, and service of fire emergency rescue equipment.

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Application Scenarios

Turbojet Fire Truck Application Case

Turbojet Fire Truck Application Case

Fire in pastoral cold storage in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province: In the afternoon of April 8, 2009, a fire broke out in the pastoral cold storage in Xi'an, Shaanxi. After receiving the alarm, the Xi'an 119 Command Center quickly mobilized six fire squadrons and a combat logistics support brigade to the scene.
At ten past five in the afternoon, firefighters arrived at the scene, the fire was already burning fiercely, and thick smoke was billowing. Squadron commanders quickly reconnoitered the location. It was cold storage of more than 2,000 m2, and the cold storage refrigeration pipeline was left over a large amount of liquid ammonia. At the same time, the air was filled with a strong smell of ammonia. Ammonia explosions are very likely to induce.

Turbojet fire truck firefighting test

Turbojet fire truck firefighting test

For petrochemical fires, add 6% water film-forming foam agent to the water, when the high-speed gas jet of the turbojet fire truck impacts and shears the foam mixture, since the volume flow of air is dozens of times the volume flow of liquid, in strong airflow Under the action, all the mixed liquids formed foam beads ("dry foam") with a particle size of 2-3 mm without the presence of liquid water. If sprayed for 1 minute, the foam bead jet can form a foam layer with an average thickness of 5 cm and an area of 350 square meters. The foam beads have no fluidity after falling to the ground, but they have good adhesion and are directly adsorbed on the surface of objects with complex shapes to form a stable foam covering layer, eliminating the time required for the foam jet to flow to form a uniform covering layer. Has a strong ability to prevent the resurgence of oil fires.

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